A Custom Bypass Shower Door for Your Dale City Residence

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, October 30, 2013)

 A bypass shower door can be added to your Dale City, VA home by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. The installation of this type of unit can offer practical advantages while upgrading the aesthetic quality of your shower area. If you’d like one of our glass specialists to visit your house for a personalized shower door consultation, call the ABC office at (703)257-7150! This free meeting with a professional is a wonderful way to get a project quote and start your remodel off on the right foot! Call, email us at info@abcglassandmirror.com, or drive over to our showroom at 8395 B Euclid Avenue, Manassas Park. A few different components go into the construction of a bypass shower door. Many Dale City residents have seen this kind of door and know that it contains –

  • Sheets of glass

  • Aluminum framing

  • Metal tracking

  • Mechanisms to help the doors move along the tracking

  • Metal door handles

When you select bypass shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., some of the components are available in varying looks and finishes. For example, framing is offered in both metallic and paint finishes. Furthermore, ABC supplies clear glazing as well as choices in privacy glass. Finally, the style and location of the handles can also vary based on customer preferences. A bypass shower door set gives Dale City homeowners a glass shower option that conserves space. The unit consists of two glass doors, both of which are operable. They can slide past one another along the metal tracks, offering versatility and a mode of door operation that does not use any more space than a curtain. These features make bypass shower doors a practical choice for –

  • Compact bathrooms

  • Bathrooms with a tub and three enclosure walls already in place

  • Bathrooms in which another fixture is located close to the shower area

The bypass shower door is available to Dale City customers in either framed or semi-frameless construction. On a framed shower door system, all glass edges are covered with aluminum framing. This style stands as a more economical pick, offering a strong, classic look. On a semi-frameless bypass unit, some of the glass edges are left bare – typically the sides of the door panels. This look is considered more elegant by some and is at a mid-range price point. In some ways it combines the benefits of both framed and frameless design. If you know a bypass shower door is right for your Dale City home’s bathroom, you still have a few decisions to make. You can purchase and install a do-it-yourself kit from the store or you can choose a custom door installed by a team of glaziers. Here a few of the benefits of working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

  • Decade upon decade of combined team experience in the glass industry

  • Warranty on our shower doors

  • Family business from its founding to the present

  • Quality materials on the doors

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