7 Home Decor Mistakes You Need to Know

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, November 08, 2016)

Home Decorating MistakesHome décor mistakes come in many shapes and sizes. However, it’s not always clear what’s a mistake and what’s not. House Beautiful has asked designers about the faux pas they hate most and compiled a list of 7 interior design errors at HouseBeautiful.com. Are any of these mistakes present in your home? Do you consider all of these to be actual mistakes?

1. Overdoing decorative painting. Designer Mary Douglas Drysdale believes decorative painting can be a positive element in a space. However, she feels that overkill in this regard yields “vulgarity.”

2. Making thoughtless lighting choices. Lighting that is overly bright becomes glaring and harsh. What’s more, in a bathroom this is totally unflattering, as designer Barclay Butera points out.

3. Arranging candles in clusters. A group of candles is a no-no according to designer Albert Hadley. He finds candlelight to be a positive addition – warm, romantic, and alluring – but feels that the candlesticks should be spread out around the room.

4. Placing furniture up against walls. Not only is this problematic aesthetically, but designer Whitney Stewart points out how it can discourage conversation. When the sofa and chairs are jammed up against the walls, you often end up with tons of bare floor space and an arrangement that requires shouting across the room rather than cozy dialogue.

5. Items that are out of proportion. Designer David Kleinberg shares his own pet peeve in this regard: a sofa flanked by lamps that are disproportionately large or small.

6. Overdone pillow arrangements. Throw pillows should not be arranged with the care and precision of a master painter! Designer Stephen Sclaroff elaborates on the unnatural look created by “karate-chopping” one’s accent pillows.

7. Only one lighting option.
Designer Alan Tanksley cautions against offering only one source of light in a room. Instead of relying on just an overhead light, floor and table lamps should be included to generate “warm pools of light.”

Does your home include any of these décor transgressions? Do you agree that all of them are errors? While ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can’t redesign your interior, we can help you add beauty and maybe even correct some décor mistakes!

   •    A large framed mirror can mitigate the effects of too much fancy painting.
   •    Wall mirrors can reflect natural light to lessen your reliance on overhead lighting.
   •    The candles you arrange (not in clusters!) around the master bathroom can be reflected in the vanity mirror and pristine glass shower enclosure.


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