7 Guest Room Ideas

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, June 03, 2015)

A few thoughtful touches can turn a spare bedroom into an amazing guest room. These ideas can help you create a space for your guests that is both comfortable and welcoming.  

1.Repaint the walls in a relaxing shade. Experts recommend a few different approaches to making a bedroom a relaxing space. One tactic is to simply choose a calming paint color like a pale gray-green. Another technique involves saturating the room with an intense color such as purple. For a guest bedroom, the first approach might be best since light colors have more universal appeal.

2.Merge coziness and cleanliness in your floor choice. You want your guests to be able to hop out of bed onto a soft rug, but carpet is not necessarily the best pick since it can be hard to deep clean and is prone to retaining odors. A great alternative is to use wood flooring and add a couple quality area rugs next to the bed.

3.Check light fixtures, switches, and windows and replace if needed. Dim lighting, broken switches, drafty windows – none of these are conducive to a snug and inviting atmosphere. Where needed, give the room a boost with replacement windows and new lighting apparatus.

4.Add comfy and functional furniture. The most important element in your guest room is a bed, so opt for a quality mattress even if that means you won’t have the funds for a fancy headboard. For your guests’ convenience, also include a dresser, night table, alarm clock, and curtains or blinds. A nice extra would be a TV and plush loveseat.

5.Include a wall mirror. Equipping your guest bedroom with a full length mirror will be appreciated by your guests as they dress for the day. You could even make the mirror a key piece of the room’s décor by choosing to enclose it in an attractive frame. Another great touch would be a makeup station with a small mirror hanging above it.

6.Choose stylish décor items with wide appeal. When it comes to bedding and the colors/patterns for the rugs and curtains, look for up-to-date neutral options. Solids are a good choice as well as patterns that are neither masculine nor feminine in style. It is also advisable to buy durable well-made items rather than cheap products that will quickly lose their appeal.

7.Add or upgrade a guest bathroom. Another important element of entertaining houseguests is bathroom space. Try to either add an adjoining guest bath or designate an existing bathroom for this function. Give the bathroom a boost with a glass shower door, new tile, and a fresh coat of paint.

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