6 Ways to Use Dreamwalls Color Glass

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, July 27, 2015)

Back-painted Glass

Dreamwalls Color Glass by Gardner Glass Products can be used to transform virtually any room from a run-of-the-mill space to an unforgettable space defined by the beauty of glass. Available in both stock and custom colors, Dreamwalls glass is a versatile, easy-to-clean product that can add vibrancy and interest to both residential and business settings.

Dreamwalls glass is created from ultra-clear glass with reduced iron content. The back of this glass is painted in the shade chosen by the customer, and then a final protective coating is applied to the painted surface; this forms the back of the sheet of Dreamwalls glass. This glass is available in large sheets, small tiles, and custom-cut pieces.


Back Pianted Glass 


There are tons of ways to use Dreamwalls to add appeal to your home or commercial building.


Cover bathroom walls with Dreamwalls “tiles” or large custom-cut sheets.

Glass covered walls make sense in a bathroom since they are able to withstand moisture and are easy to sanitize and wipe down. What’s more, when some or all of the bathroom walls are adorned with back-painted glass, this utilitarian room will get a burst of unique modern elegance.


Use Dreamwalls glass for a backsplash.

Whether in a bathroom or kitchen setting, a glass backsplash is a wonderful idea. You can say good-bye to scrubbing grout or dealing with moisture damage on drywall when you cover the wall behind your bathroom or kitchen counter with Dreamwalls glass.


Decorate with Dreamwalls.

Since custom-cut pieces are available, you can even create your own contemporary wall art with Dreamwalls. Create an eye-catching mosaic of color on a wall that currently lacks style and aesthetic appeal.


Back Pianted Glass 


Have Dreamwalls glass installed inside your shower enclosure.

This wonderful color glass will complement the glass on your shower door and add sparkle to the stall’s interior.


Switch to office partitions made from Dreamwalls back-painted glass.

Your office building will not be the same once you have replaced dated or unattractive room dividers with sleek Dreamwalls partitions. You can even research the impact of various colors and then select tones that will help you create an environment that promotes both calmness and productivity.


Cover the walls of your retail shop or restaurant with Dreamwalls glass.

Treat your customers to an enjoyable shopping or dining experience in a bright, attractive space. An added perk is that you can easily clean the glass at the end of the day, rather than dealing with permanent smudges, stains, and scuffs on painted drywall.


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