6 Different Styles Of Glass Shower Doors

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Shower Doors

What is one of the top considerations for a bathroom upgrade?  If you answered shower doors you would be correct, but if you answered styles for your shower doors that is even better!  There are 6 top styles of glass enclosures for your bathroom.

Your bathroom and shower doors show off your unique pizzazz and personal décor choices.  With so many styles to choose from, it is important to choose the one that works best for your lifestyle and look. 

Styles for Your Glass Enclosure

The frameless shower is the top selling shower door in the industry.  The difference between a frameless and other types of shower door is that the door is devoid of any metal framing giving it a clean, clear and modern look.   Frameless doors, regardless of style selection, will bring your bathroom the update that you have been wanting for your home. When choosing your frameless door remember to ask about our top styles.

Glass Shower Doors

The top six styles for frameless shower doors are:


    •  Steam Shower

    •  Neo-angle Shower

    •  Sliding Shower

    •  Corner Shower

    •  90 Degree Shower

    •  Inline Shower

Unique Benefits of Shower Door Styles

Each shower door style offers unique benefits for your everyday usage.  The steam shower gives you a spa-like feel in your home while the neo-angle, corner, and 90 degree door offer different looks and shapes for your bathroom space.  


Lastly, the sliding and inline offer small bathroom areas big looks!  Choosing the right door for your home and family isn’t hard with a little help from ABC!

 Many homeowners in Merrfield, VA and its surrounding areas have considered remodeling their bathrooms and need help choosing the right kind of shower doors…ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help.


Remember to keep in mind the style of the entirety of your bathroom space before making the final decision on shower doors and their styles.  ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. ensures the most qualified glass experts in the glazing industry will be available to help you through the process! Call today to schedule your free in-home estimate at 703-257-7150! 

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