5 Tips to Create a User-friendly Kitchen

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, June 01, 2015)

Don’t limit yourself to aesthetic improvement when remodeling your kitchen; be sure to make it more user-friendly, too. Features of an easy-to-use kitchen include accessibility, smooth traffic flow, convenience, storage, and ease of cleaning, Keep all five in mind as you plan your upgraded kitchen so that the finished room is not only stylish and inviting but highly functional as well. 

1.Keep everything accessible in your user-friendly kitchen. To achieve great accessibility you want to take into account everyone who is and will be using the kitchen. Examples of relevant considerations include – 
The height and physical strength of the persons who will be using the space.
Whether you are trying to create a home where you can “age in place.”
How much you use the kitchen and for what – gourmet dinners or cooking frozen pizzas?
Concrete ways to promote accessibility in your renovated kitchen include situating the countertops at a level that is comfortable for you to chop vegetables, placing the spice rack near both your pastry counter and your dinner prep work station, and adding a second sink for washing fruit and vegetables when your main sink is full of dishes. Also, whether you have wood or glass cabinet inserts, consider equipping your cupboard doors with handles that are easy to pull.

2.Enable traffic to flow smoothly in and through the kitchen. This tip is especially important if your kitchen is also a walkway through the house. However, even if you are fortunate enough to have avoided this situation, you want to make sure two people can work in the kitchen at the same time without constantly getting in one another’s way. For example, avoid overfilling a small kitchen by adding an island that will make the space congested. Also, situate the fridge, sink, and stove/oven so that you can move from one to the other quickly and conveniently.

3.Maximize convenience in your refurbished space. As part of your remodel, be sure to stock your kitchen with those gadgets that will really make your life easier. If you work during the day, for instance, buy a crock pot so you can put in the ingredients in the morning, let it cook while you’re at work, and enjoy a hot dinner waiting for you when you get home. Also consider a wall-mounted can opener, a wall-mounted bottle opener, a Kitchen-Aid food processor, and a Keurig for fast and easy preparation of your favorite foods and beverages.

4.Create the storage solutions needed to make your kitchen user-friendly. Storage can be a real issue in a kitchen whether it’s finding a place for your grandmother’s china or dealing with the clutter of bills and homework that forms on the counter! For the former, consider adding a hutch with clear glass cabinet doors to your dining room and freeing up kitchen cupboards for items you use more often. For the latter, consider adding a set of wood or glass shelves to a bare kitchen wall or creating cubbies with labels like “Paid Bills,” “Unpaid Bills,” “Completed Homework,” and so forth.

5.Make sure your kitchen is easy to clean. There are a few different ways to tackle this issue, including – 
Selecting low-maintenance or self-cleaning appliances.
Covering kitchen surfaces with materials that are smooth and easy to wash and sanitize – glass backsplashes are an example.
Choosing a hardy floor material that is both water-resistant and easy to sweep and mop.
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