5 Easy Shower Upgrades – Which Is Your Favorite?

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, June 16, 2017)

Aromatherapy showerOnce you’ve had a new glass shower door or enclosure installed by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., you’ll be enjoying showering in an elegant and refreshing space. There are some easy ways to further enhance this spa-like experience and make your shower enclosure even more inviting. Check out 5 easy shower add-ons that can help you relax.

Upgrade #1: Bring aromatherapy to your shower.

You don’t need to purchase an elaborate system or a new shower head to enjoy aromatherapy as you shower. Simple kits include pods of naturally-scented essential oils as well as a device for diffusion that can be attached to your existing shower head. An ordinary shower becomes extraordinarily refreshing when you’re soothed by calming scents.  

In fact, including an aromatherapy kit in your new glass shower can be part of an effort to engage the senses and thereby achieve greater relaxation: you feel the warm water, you see lovely glass around the shower, and you smell the fragrant oils. Purchasing, installing, and using an aromatherapy kit is an easy shower upgrade that can give a significant boost of luxury to your shower experience.

Upgrade #2: Install a speaker inside the shower enclosure.

Bluetooth shower speakers are inexpensive, and they make it easy to stream your favorite music inside the shower. You can enjoy calming classical compositions or sounds from nature as you unwind in the evening -- with your aromatherapy of course! -- or you can energize yourself in the  morning with your favorite upbeat tunes. The addition of a speaker is easy, cheap, and fun, but it can be yet one more aspect of using the senses to relax since you can now add hearing the soothing music to the list above.

Upgrade #3: Try an LED lit shower head.

A shower head with LED lighting gives your bathroom a special ambiance. Use this as the room’s only light when you’re unwinding with an aromatherapy shower at the end of the day or if you need to ease into the day as you carry out your morning routine. LED shower heads are even available with colored lights for a fun special effect.

Rain Showerhead

Upgrade #4: Change things up with a rain style shower head.

You can make this change alone, or take care of two upgrades at once by choosing a rain style shower head with LED lighting. A traditional shower head sprays jets of water at an angle, while a rain style shower head allows the water to fall straight down in a cascade reminiscent of rainfall. Small, relatively inexpensive rain style shower heads are on the market as well as more costly large square units that create an effect much more similar to actually standing out in the rain!

Upgrade #5: Add body jets or a handheld spray.

A bathroom renovation is the perfect time to add body jets to your shower enclosure for a spa-like cleansing experience. However, if you want to simply make small changes to your existing bathroom, you can improve your shower experience by installing a hand help spray. This relatively minor addition will certainly boost the convenience and functionality of your shower enclosure.

If you find that your shower enclosure needs an upgrade before you embellish it with extra features, give ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. a ring at 703-257-7150. Our line of custom glass shower doors and enclosures allow you to transform just about any shower stall into a charming glass shower that promotes relaxation. Call today and schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.


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