4 Ways to Use Glass Doors in Your Clifton Home’s Bathroom

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, March 26, 2014)

1. Replace your shower curtain with glass sliding doors. Homeowners in Clifton, VA will love how sliding doors rival shower curtains for space efficiency yet give the bathroom a brand new feel! ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park sells both standard bypass doors and innovative sliding doors with little or no framing. Bypass systems have two sliding doors that travel in side-by-side tracks, while our other sliders include one door and one non-moving panel. For both styles, we can also install additional glass as needed to fully close off your tub area. Practical, yet beautiful, sliding glass doors are a solid choice for shower improvement!

2. Use swinging glass doors to transform small stalls.
If your Clifton home includes a small shower stall, there is a way to brighten and improve this space. The area inside a compact stall can easily become dim and depressing if an opaque shower curtain blocks the light. A single clear glass swinging door, on the other hand, will allow light to flood the area and will make the space feel less restrictive.

Furthermore, such a door will add class and style to this simple shower. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.’s options in clear glazing include –

  •    - Clear tempered glass (standard)

  •    - Ultra-clear tempered glass (low-iron)

  •    - Clear ShowerGuard glass (sealed to resist damage and staining)

  •    - Clear laminated glass (safety glass with three layers – glass, vinyl, glass)


3. Step things up a notch with double glass doors. When a Clifton home improver has plenty of bathroom space to work with, double swinging doors are added to the list of possibilities. There’s no denying their impressive appearance, and they provide a good-sized entryway for the shower enclosure. At ABC, we can create swinging and other types of shower doors from various kinds of glass, such as –

  •    - Clear

  •    - Privacy

  •    - Specialty

We also bring you diversity in door handles as well as a range of finishes for the hinges and handles. It’s not hard to create a set of customized swinging doors that will stand as the focal point and pinnacle of elegance in your bathroom! 4.Use glass doors as part of a steam enclosure. Many Clifton residents seek a healthier and less stressful lifestyle, and some have found steam showers helpful in realizing these objectives. A sealed enclosure made of material that can stand up to moisture is a must for a quality steam shower.

ABC builds lovely frameless glass steam enclosures with glass doors. Our steam enclosures can be created from many different kinds of glass and fitted with various types of hardware. Additionally, each steam unit includes a vent that allows you to manage the degree of humidity inside the shower. If you’re interested in one of these shower improvement options or any of our products, call today for an appointment for a free consultation – (703) 257-7150!  


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