4 Ways to Improve Your Home with Glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, January 30, 2017)

bathroom shower doorCheck out 4 of the best ways to improve your home with glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park, VA! Regardless of which type of glass you choose, ABC is your source for high-quality custom glass and mirror. Our experienced team can offer you savvy tips and professional insights to help make your project a success.

#1: A Glass Shower

One of our favorite methods for improving a home with glass is by adding shower doors or a shower enclosure to the master bath. Shower glass is available in clear, ultra-clear, patterned, frosted, tinted, and cast styles. Some of the effects of enclosing a shower area in glass can include:

    •    Giving the bathroom an upscale look and feel.

    •    Keeping water inside the shower enclosure.
    •    Making the shower and bathroom seem larger and more open.
         (Clear and ultra-clear especially)

#2: A Wall Mirror

Another fabulous option is hanging a wall mirror. A large piece of reflective glass that covers all or much of a wall is sure to make an impression! Here are some of the ways your new wall mirror will impact your space:

     •    Add modern charm.
     •    Make the room look twice as wide.
     •    Brighten things up by reflecting light.
     •    Add clean lines, crisp edges, and smooth surfaces to the space.

#3: Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are among the most versatile and functional items offered by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Available in clear, frosted, and tinted glass, these shelves are visually appealing and can be integrated into rooms that are traditional, transitional, or modern. Areas that can be improved with glass shelving include:

    •    Bathroom: Glass can withstand humid bathroom conditions and it gives you an attractive platform on which to both store and display items like rolled bath towels and tubs of scented soaps.

    •    Living room: Glass shelves in the living room allow you to simultaneously declutter, adorn your walls, and store your items. This is especially true when you’re not sure what to do with excess books or collectibles.

   •    Kitchen: Bringing in glass shelves gives your kitchen an open feel and allows you to keep items handy and within easy reach.

#4: Glass Table Tops

There are a couple ways to utilize glass table tops in your home. A glass table top can be set atop an existing table surface to protect and/or embellish it. Alternatively, tempered glass table tops can be affixed to legs or pedestals to create tables with glass-only tops. One example of how a glass table top can improve your home is making a small dining room feel larger by replacing your current table with one that has a transparent glass top.

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