3 Outdoor Living Style Trends for Your Home in 201

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, March 31, 2015)

In 2015, the desire for outdoor living is fueling a number of style trends that integrate natural elements and modern convenience. Homeowners are striving not only to include nature’s beauty in their home décor, but to make the outdoors easily accessible. Patio doors, window-covered walls, and decks are three popular methods for achieving these objectives. Depending on budget, available space, and motivation, these projects can range from a small change to a large scale overhaul of part of the house. 

Additionally, some families simply need to make their already lovely yard or rural property more visible and reachable, while others need to add landscaping projects to their list of home improvements.

Adding or upgrading glass patio doors is a relatively simple way to meld indoor and outdoor living, so this style trend is attractive to families with a wide range of budgets and home types. Installing patio doors will have a few distinct but related effects.
Glass patio doors basically double as windows by letting in natural light and opening up a view of the outdoors.
Many types of patio doors yield a wide entry space which in turn allows for easy flow of traffic from the house to the yard and back.
Adding a patio door to a room that was previously lacking an exterior door makes nature more readily available to your family.

Decks are highly popular outdoor living spaces, seen on mansions and modest dwellings alike. If you are fortunate enough to have a home built in a gorgeous natural setting or tastefully landscaped yard, the deck might be all you need to add in order to enjoy dining, relaxing, and entertaining out of doors. If your property needs a little TLC, though, consider planting some trees around the deck, creating flower beds, planting an herb garden, or bringing in other  aspects of nature – 
Rock beds and rock walls.
Natural swimming pool.
Vine covered wall or trellis.

Stepping through your patio doors onto a deck surrounded by greenery is outdoor living at its best, and it’s usually possible to achieve this whether you live in the country or on a small town lot.
In addition to making it easy to access outdoor living space, home decorators in 2015 seek style trends that allow nature to visually coalesce with their home’s interior design. Large picture windows and walls covered with windows make a room “feel” outdoorsy even when the weather makes true outdoor living impractical. You will want to partner with glass and construction professionals for a project like this to ensure that your plan not only addresses aesthetic goals but is safe and practicable for the structure of your home. As you think about where to add windows you’ll want to consider – 
How much sunlight you want to let in and during what time of day.
What the view will be like through the new windows.
Whether there is a need for privacy in the room and if you will need to  add window treatments.
How the windows will affect energy-efficiency and what steps you can take to minimize this.
Merging indoor and outdoor living is a great way to promote relaxation while adding the natural beauty of creation to your home.


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