3 Glass Shower Options for Your Renovation

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, March 03, 2017)

If you’re preparing for a home renovation, make sure you understand all the options for your home’s new glass showers. Today, consumers can select from a broad field of choices, with glass enclosures to fit many budgets and situations. In addition to the numerous standard variations, modern showers can even include high-end upgrades that make them easier to clean! Let’s take a look at 3 popular glass shower designs.

A Frameless Glass Steam Shower

A wonderful choice for the master bathroom, the frameless glass steam shower has the power to transform your restroom into a spa-like retreat. The steam shower apparatus is complemented by an enclosure fashioned from sheets of clear heavy glass, and instead of the traditional framing around the panels, a frameless enclosure utilizes small clips to join the sections of glass. 

Your steam enclosure will span the area from floor to ceiling, so that it can effectively contain the steam. Finally, it will include a small moveable piece of glass called a transom, which enables each shower user to control steam levels and create the ideal environment within the stall.

An In-line Door and Panel to Dress up a Bathtub

Does your home include a simple bathroom? One that might lack charm and aesthetic appeal? Even a run-of-the-mill bathroom with an ordinary tub/shower combo can get a design boost when you add glass. In many cases an in-line door and panel configuration is ideal for these circumstances.

 A door system like this always includes a fixed glass wall next to a swinging door panel. If needed to fully enclose the shower area, a 90 degree return is also installed. These pieces of glass can be added to most tubs to instantly transform them into glass shower enclosures. Choose clear glass if you’d like to make the bathroom and shower stall feel larger, or select privacy glass if you wish to make the space more functional for multiple users.

A Sliding Shower Door System to Save Space

The small bathroom in your home does not need to be left out when you remodel and upgrade your restrooms. Even when you don’t have enough space for a swinging door, you can still add pizzazz to your shower by having glass installed. There are two general categories of sliding shower door:

Bypass doors: Two frameless glass doors within a framed enclosure that slide in parallel metal tracks.
Frameless sliders: A single frameless door that glides in front of a fixed panel of frameless glass.

Bypass doors have the advantage of being more budget-friendly, and the fact that there are two moving door panels can be handy. On the other hand, frameless sliders offer you the stylish appearance of a frameless enclosure wedded to the space-efficient traits of a sliding door system. Either system can be finished off with a 90 degree return if necessary.

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