2015 Home Décor Trends Include Gold Fixtures

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Home Decor

2015 home décor trends include both cowhide and gold fixtures says Elena Holodny. Furthermore, furniture and home accessories from the 1950’s-1970’s era (modern/mid-century modern) will be incorporated into design schemes this year, while wallpaper will be pushing out solid color walls as the stylish option.

Finally, blue is touted as a favorite accent tone…a trend which may have broader appeal than a cowhide rug beside a chair from grandma’s attic.
Do these trends have any significance for the average homeowner?


Families who want a comfy and attractive living space, but who do not redecorate every few years to stay on the cutting edge of home décor fashion should not be overly influenced by fads. At the same time, though, knowing the trends can help families decide between various items and can even provide the inspiration needed to give a redecorating project greater energy and focus. 


    •  An optimal scenario is when a new trend happens to match what you’ve loved all along. So if you’ve never grown tired of wallpaper or have always liked the Old West appeal of cowhide, this is your year to give these items greater prominence in your home.


    •  The cowhide craze also suggests a cowboy theme for a boy’s bedroom or a game room. Additionally it allows you to quickly bring a family room or guest bedroom up to date by simply adding a bovine-inspired throw or rug.


    •  Gold fixtures can take the form of specialty items hung on the wall, or you can simply choose a gold-plated finish for standard home hardware such as the shower door handle. Another versatile option is a mirror in a gilt frame.


    •  What’s nice about the modern/mid-century modern comeback is that it can allow some of us to make our homes more fashionable while saving money. This could mean taking an old chair out of the corner of your den and making it an accent piece in your living room. Also, you can get these retro items for great prices at thrift stores and flea markets across the country.


    •  Wallpaper can be worked into your home design in a few different ways including just a border, paper on a single accent wall, or complete wallpaper coverage in one or more rooms. Most importantly, choose a look that will “wear well” and keep its appeal over time.


    •  When it comes to blue accent items, the classic nature of this color allows you to safely add blue pieces to your living space without fear that they will be “old news” in a year or two. Possible accent items include – a blue glass backsplash behind your kitchen sink, navy throw pillows on a sofa or bed, an aqua area rug to enliven a boring space, or a blue print tablecloth under a protective glass tabletop.


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