10 Practical Tips for Successfully Designing Your New Home Office

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, April 07, 2015)

These practical tips can help you achieve success whether the home office you’re designing is a full-time workplace or a space for occasional tele-commuting. First of all, the ideal home office will meld practicality and convenience with savvy decor choices that promote both productivity and mental tranquility. This blending of utility and aesthetics is possible if you’re willing to put in a little extra time and effort when designing your at-home work space. We’ll begin with 5 tips for promoting functionality and finish with 5 ways to create space that positively impacts your mood.

Make your home office design user-friendly – 
1. Know your organizational style and plan accordingly. For example, don’t store things in drawers and boxes with lids if you never actually use these items. Opt instead for easy-to-access storage solutions like glass shelves and open-front filing systems.
2. Make room for everything you need inside the office itself so you don’t have to stop working to get materials from another room. Consider fixes like floor-to-ceiling glass shelving if you have limited space.
3. Take time to try different desks and office chairs so you can purchase items that allow for comfort and healthy work habits.
4. If other family members are at home while you’re working, minimize distractions by adding extra-insulation, using sound-absorbing elements like carpet, or including a speaker system for playing music while you work.
5. If clients or co-workers regularly visit your home office, be sure to include comfy chairs, an end-table or coffee table, and a coat rack.
Put together a work environment with an energizing yet peaceful ambience –
6. Lighting has a huge impact on the mood of a room, so experiment with different bulb options such as full spectrum bulbs which mimic properties of sunlight. 
7. Wall mirrors can keep your home office from feeling closed and confining. This is especially effective if you place a wall mirror opposite a window.
8. If possible, position your work station near a window, but include blinds or curtains if you find some outdoor scenes depressing – i.e. rainy days. 
9. Research the meanings of colors and choose paint, flooring, and accessories in both calming and energizing shades. You may wish to use tranquil colors for the room itself – walls, floors, ceiling – but include vibrantly colored accent items – picture frames, storage bins, coffee cup.
10. Keep in mind how the sense of smell impacts mood and include aromatherapy or air-freshening elements. Also keep your office window open as much as possible for a truly fresh atmosphere.
A well thought out home office can truly make a difference in how you experience each workday, so take the time to create a room that’s not only convenient by uplifting.  Another and final consideration is adding a white board to your home office to help in planning or remembering project deadlines!  


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