How to Make a Small Living Room Appear Larger

6 Ways You Can Easily Make Your Living Room More Beautiful in Your Home

1. Eliminate unnecessary items and make a small room appear larger.

Home ImprovementThe first step in making your small living room appear larger is cutting back on the amount of stuff in it! Look for and remove these items –

2. Replace large items with space-friendly counterparts to make the living room seem bigger.

Your goal should be to create as much open floor space as possible so that the room does not feel cramped.


3. Create alternative surfaces on which to store items and display décor elements.

Living Room DecoratingWith a narrow coffee table and small end tables, you will not have much space for books, movies, and knick-knacks. This is where shelves come in handy. By adding the appropriate sets of shelving to your living room walls you create space for your movies and DVD player, a place for your favorite books, and attractive surfaces to decorate with the artistic items of your choice. Having sufficient storage also cuts back on clutter and thus helps the space seem roomier.

4. Use clear glass wherever possible on living room furnishings.

Transparent glass is an effective tool for making living space seem bigger than it is. Unlike opaque material, glass does not visually separate and divide sections of the room. Examples of incorporating clear glass into a living room include –


5. Add a wall mirror to your small living room.

Interior Design VirginiaHaving a wall mirror hung in your living room is one of the most effective steps you can take to make it look bigger. In terms of visual impression, a mirror will double the size of the living space! If the entryway to the room is wide, one or more large mirrors can be used to create a mirror covered wall.


If the entrance is narrow, or if you prefer a “tiled” look, glaziers can create a mirror wall with a number of small square or rectangular mirrors. Glass professionals can also add custom cut-outs to mirror glass to accommodate outlets, light switches, windows, and the like.

6. Choose colors that will give the room an open feel.

The hues you choose for your walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture will also greatly impact the room’s ambience and sense of space. Always keep in mind that light colors tend to visually expand a room while dark shades tend to make it feel more closed in. You might consider white ceilings with a very pale color for the walls.


Wise flooring choices include light-colored wood or bamboo, and delicately colored carpeting or area rugs. Some dark accent items, such as oil rubbed bronze door handles and light switches, will look very attractive against the light walls. You can add a splash of brightness to the room by using bold colors for décor items such as throw pillows and picture frames.


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