Decorating with Glass

Tips for Summer 2015 Home Improvements

If your residence needs a fresh look this summer, know that glass is one material that packs a huge punch in terms of transformative capabilities. Here are some tips for adding glass or replacing existing materials with glass to give your living space a powerful facelift.


Glass Tabletops

Glass TabletopsGlass tabletops can rejuvenate a room in a couple different ways, making them a great choice for a living room or dining area that needs a boost. Annealed glass tabletops are used to adorn and protect existing table surfaces. Covering a dining room table or your living room end tables with clear glass will give their tops a lovely sheen and modern quality. You can also order custom cut pieces of tempered glass to create tables with glass tops. A variety of wood, metal, or even stone bases are available for the creation of glass tables. Imagine how different your living room or dining room would look with the wooden tabletops replaced with clear or tinted glass.

Replacement Glass

One reason you might need to remodel is chipped or cracked glass in your windows. Often this can be addressed quite simply with replacement glass, instead of new windows. Replacing flawed glass will in itself improve the ambience of your space. Additionally, custom glass shops offer various looks in replacement glass, so you also have the option of switching some panes to frosted or patterned glass if that would better suit your décor.


Mirror WallsMirror is another amazing product for quick home fixes because there is not a room in the house that could not potentially benefit from the installation of a new mirror.  Possibilities include –

Glass Shelves

Is clutter part of the reason your home needs a new look? If so, know that glass shelves can help with storage and simultaneously make your space look better. Here are some tips for making glass shelving work for you.

Cabinet Glass

Cabinet GlassReplacing cupboard door fronts with glass inserts can substantially alter the look of a kitchen, and making this switch in a bathroom vanity or living room bookcase can also rejuvenate that space. When selecting cabinet glass, it is a good rule of thumb to use clear glass for cupboards that house appealing items and to used frosted or patterned glass for cabinets in which less slightly things are stored. It is perfectly fine to mix and match and use more than one style of cabinet glass in the same home or even the same room.

What glass and mirror items could add to your home this summer? For more info on residential glass and mirror possibilities, call ABC GLASS AND MIRROR at 703-257-7150!


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