Tips for Decorating a Small Bathroom

 Successfully decorating a small bathroom can be hard, so here are some tips to help you rise to the challenge! If you don’t have much bathroom space to work with, it’s vital to make the most of the space you do have. There are steps you can take to ensure that just because your bathroom is small, it is not also cluttered, inconvenient, or claustrophobic. In fact, you can turn a little restroom into a pleasant retreat within your home. As you undertake this project, some areas of focus will be – materials, colors, lighting, convenience, downsizing, and storage.

Choosing the Right Materials When Decorating a Small Bathroom

When a bathroom has tiny dimensions, it is easier for it to feel confining and thus promote feelings of tension and anxiety as opposed to the sense of relaxation and refreshment you wish to foster. Here are a few ideas for making savvy choices about the materials to use in a small bathroom.

Clear Glass

This is a material that visually expands the room. When clear glass is used for the shower doors, cabinet doors, and wall shelves, these items do not “break up” the room or block parts of the room from sight.

Mirror Glass

In some small bathrooms, mirror glass can be cleverly placed so as to make the room appear larger than it is. An example would be a sizeable vanity mirror hung on the wall opposite a window.

Natural Materials

The use of elements such as wood and stone can bring a sense of nature to the room and aid in the creation of a restful ambience.

Using Appropriate Colors When Decorating a Small Bathroom

As you select a color scheme for your small bathroom, be sure to choose pale shades for the walls, ceilings, and floors to make the room seem as big and open as possible. It is also very helpful to ponder how different colors tend to affect mood and then use this info to create the optimal atmosphere in the room. Blue and green, for instance, have a calming effect, so you might choose a very pale green for the walls, paint the ceiling white, and put a pale blue rug on a bamboo floor. Yellow is an example of an energizing hue, so you could work in a little bit of yellow by way of a bouquet of flowers, a print in a yellow frame, or a bowl of fancy yellow soaps.

Proper Lighting in a Small Bathroom

Lighting also has a huge impact on the atmosphere of a little restroom. If at all possible, you want a natural light source for the space. If the bathroom has a window, opt for a window treatment that creates privacy but still lets in plenty of sunlight. If the bathroom is currently without a window, considering having one put in or adding a skylight made of laminated safety glass. Whether or not you are able to achieve natural lighting, you will want a good source of electric light. Choose light fixtures that are sufficiently bright and consider full-spectrum bulbs for natural-type radiance. You may also wish to have a dimmable switch installed, so that the lighting can adjusted depending on whether you want a relaxing soak before bed or an invigorating shower to wake you up in the morning.

How to Boost Convenience When Decorating a Small Bathroom

No doubt about it, convenience can be an issue when your bathroom is compact. Here are some considerations to help you foster functionality and ease of use.

Placement of Fixtures

Be sure to arrange fixtures in such a way that each is readily accessible. Note that this includes minor items like the toilet paper holder. You’ll also want to ensure that there is a clear path to the shower and a sufficiently wide entryway into the shower enclosure.

Type of Shower Door

If you have a tub-sized area to enclose, consider frameless sliding doors or a bypass unit. These designs are great for small spaces because, open or closed, the doors do not take up any extra space. If you have a single stall, you’ll have to see if you can make a solitary swinging door work. Smart placement of the shower enclosure can enable a swinging door to function conveniently even in a little bathroom.

Downsizing as Part of Your Small Bathroom Design

Related to convenience we have the idea of selecting bathroom fixtures and appliances that are suited to the size of the room. Both compact toilets and corner toilets are on the market and can be excellent space-savers. Another way you might be able to downsize is by eliminating the tub. Ask yourself whether users of the bathroom ever take baths or if they just shower. If the tub is not really necessary, take it out and replace it with a single shower stall.

Creating Plenty of Storage in a Small Bathroom

Also linked to convenience is the issue of storage. There are some items – such as extra rolls of toilet tissue – that you really want to have stored in the bathroom. Options for tasteful organization in a tiny restroom include –

   - A small vanity below the sink.
   - Glass shelves on walls and inside the shower.
   - Robe hooks next to the shower enclosure.

Glass shelves can be especially handy in solving storage dilemmas. For example, if you don’t have space for a countertop around the bathroom sink, where can you set your hand soap and toothbrush? Have a little glass shelf installed above the sink, and your problem is solved!

Just keep in mind the keys to successful small bathroom design – the right materials, appropriate colors, pleasant lighting, convenient set-up, down-sized fixtures, and adequate storage!



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