New Sliding Glass Door System Unveiled

According to an article in US Glass Magazine titled “Sliding Glass Door Systems Taking Off at AIA” by John Hollis designers, home owners and business owners all have a common goal when it comes to creating the right look for their respective spaces.  That common goal is having the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors!!!!!  This week in Denver the American Institute of Architects convention unveiled Nanawall’s newest glass wall system….the SL82.  This new folding glass wall is the answer to bringing the outdoors indoors for all to enjoy.

What makes this sliding, folding glass system so unusual is that it appeals to both homeowners and business owners alike because it’s a sliding and French door in one. Having a door with a modern, sleek look offers flexibility in design options. Another interesting attribute of this glass system is the ability to be energy efficient and beautiful at the same time.    In other words, Nanawalls is able to offer its customers a functional system that is visually appealing, secure, durable, energy efficient and weather resistant all in one product.

For more information on Nanawalls SL82 or to read the full article in US Glass Magazine, go to

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